Collision Analysis


Collision Analysis was formed in 1979 by Mr. Marshal Paulo to serve a recognized need for specialized consulting services in the area of automotive forensics.  We have the experience and expertise to support a multi-disciplinary investigation of vehicle, biomechanical, and human factors from initial investigations to reporting and expert testimony.

Our Expertise

Collision Analysis experts come from backgrounds with high levels of experience and education to best serve our clients. Our senior consultant has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Injury Biomechanics and holds two seatbelt buckle patents.

Past experience ranges from accident/collision investigation and reconstruction to design analysis engineering in seatbelt and airbag manufacturing as well as mechanical equipment design. Our current contract with Transport Canada provides support to government regulators in current and hot-topic motor vehicle defects and high-priority accident investigations throughout Alberta.

Our clients benefit from a strong commitment to professional development and research involvement.

Our Resources

Collision Analysis utilizes current technologies and equipment to perform the investigation, data collection, and analysis your case requires. Our extensive in-house library and database system provide ready access to scientific literature and other relevant publications.

Our professional memberships and affiliations keep us abreast of new developments in our field.

What's New

December 21, 2018

Christmas Wishes...

March 28, 2018

First pedestrian death involving fully autonomous vehicle

February 13, 2018

Bill S-2 to bring changes to Canada’s Motor Vehicle Safety Act

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