Collision Reconstruction

A collision reconstruction considers vehicle, human, and environmental factors.

Our services include the investigation and reconstruction of collisions involving:

  • Passenger vehicles and light trucks
  • Heavy trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles
  • Pedestrians, motorcycles and bicycles
  • Industrial vehicles and farm equipment
  • Light rail transit and trains
  • Trailers, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles
  • Personal watercraft, golf carts and ski hill equipment

It is important to inspect a vehicle or accident site as soon as possible to gather and preserve evidence.  

Vehicle inspections may include measuring crush damage, examining seatbelts and other safety systems, identifying occupant contact points, downloading event data recorders (EDRs), and investigating the possibility of component failure.

Accident site inspections may be performed to record any remaining physical evidence and evaluate factors such as traffic control devices, site conditions, obstructions, and other possible hazards. A site survey can be performed if required.

The analysis may determine vehicle speed, dynamics, and collision severity. It may also include EDR data interpretation; seatbelt and other safety system use, misuse or failure analysis; occupant kinematics evaluation; time distance studies; and driver identification.